Claire Maria Lehmann and Iben Harboe are both educated at Denmark’s Design School, – respectively in 1996 and in 1999.
They have worked together since 2003 in two separate workshops Iben´s in the center of Copenhagen and Claire´s 45 minutes from there in Holbaek. They always meet to discuss and develop designs which they produce at each  workshop.

When starting the design process they use a lot of time on getting to the essentials of the product. A teapot for instance should be round and voluminous in their opinion and therefore they formed the teapot in balloons pressing the material where the handle and lid should lie and hereby were given inspiration from the process they had lined up. In the production the materials, the handcraft and the variations given are essential to clib klap, believing in a ceramic tradition signaling unique craftsmanship and giving the customers a true feeling of material and underlining the word “handmade”.