Meet The Maker CPH

We are part of the Danish Craftsmen & Designers event Meet The Maker CPH.

Meet The Maker CPH will be held from 13 to 15 August, where the annual Frue Plads Marked should have been held. Pga. Covid-19, the market has been canceled this year, and as it usually attracts many thousands of people to the historic Frue Plads, the audience is instead invited to visit the artisans 'and designers' own settings. This means for us our workshop at Vesterbrogade 24B, 1620 KBH V.

Here, together with our good colleagues Mark Lauberg, Pia Lund Hansen, Helle Hansen and Signe Bailey, we will provide an insight into our work processes, and there will be an opportunity to buy the many unique and handmade products.

Opening hours
Thurs 12 - 16
Fri 10 - 19
Sat 10 - 16

See evt. here for more info:

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